I know that everyone knows what microservice is and how to apply it to a certain extent. Will go deep and get the full understanding . My goal is to see that you get the awareness of designing an architecture with microservers properly.

Fist will go for basic.

What is microservice architecture?

As the name implies microservice means your application will be divided into a set of small services. That means a microservices architecture is mainly oriented to the back-end, although the approach is also being used for the front end.

Microservices: a definition of this new architectural term

Martin Fowler: The term “Microservice Architecture” has sprung up over the last few…

React is day to day updating with new features. This post will give some latest best practices for 2020 and easy folder structure.

This is based on my research.

  1. My recommendation is not to use expo. If it is really small that will be okay. But if you have too much dependency it will be trouble. If you are planning to use expo, please read a to z about expo. Some third party libraries don’t support expo so you wanted to know how to implement that.

By the way, Expo is a great tool but you want to know all…

What I wanted is give a plan with golang as a job workers . So build very small project initially as a prototype.

Requirements :

  1. Language should be golang
  2. Wanted to plan without multiple servers(service)
  3. Queue management already with rabbitmq
  4. Wanted to run concurrently multiple jobs(any no of jobs define)
  5. To run a job takes some times (minutes)

Let’s plan how we achieve this.

  1. We need to add multiple subscribers for rabbitmq queue.
  2. We need to implement rabbitmq acknowledgement (that will help to system pick same job if job not running. Until its acknowledged info will not delete from the…

What is web socket?

Web socket is a communication protocol . It’s bit different TCP protocol from HTTP/HTTPS. Both protocols are located at layer 7. Web sockets are work over http ports 80 and 443 as well as to support http proxies and intermediaries.

Web socket, protocol specification defines is “ws” and when it secure, it will be “wss”

What is Rails cable?

Action Cable seamlessly integrates WebSockets with the rest of your Rails application. It allows for real-time features to be written in Ruby in the same style and form as the rest of your Rails application, while still being performant and scalable. It’s a full-stack offering…

Here we expect to write content pages of xmarin forms in a specific way(Platform specific pages in xamarin forms). If i explain further, there are some views such as where we find it’s difficult to create using xamarin.forms. In those instances we can use this. Let’s learn how we can ….

Before start…

Every Xamarin.Forms control has an accompanying renderer for each platform that creates an instance of a native control. When a ContentPage is rendered by a Xamarin.Forms application, in iOS the PageRenderer class is instantiated, which in turn instantiates a native UIViewController control. On the Android platform, the…

MVP is an one architectural pattern for separate presentation logic and business logic. I believe when these layers keeping separately from each others is kind on pain.

But to present these kind of implementation we should provide layers across all the application.

On android development, we have few more layers. It will help to maintains , writing test cases . Lets see about main layers on android development.

1. Domain layer — This is our business logic in mobile application . Data model for rest.

2. Model Layer — database connection related things

3. Presentation or app layer —…

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